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WhatsApp: Few Upcoming Features

WhatsApp- few upcoming features

Now Whatsapp is on Facebook hands and it wants to bring a lot of updates. Almost all of them are really exciting and they are going to release it soon. In its latest version, Facebook has ruled out few features from Whatsapp and the most important among them are fingerprint lock and group privacy settings, but there are many more features that are under development and they will release it soon.

Whatsapp And Best Upcoming Features

There are many really exciting features that the majority of Whatsapp lovers can expect in the near future. Let’s look into some of them. 

WhatsApp: Few Upcoming Features
WhatsApp: Few Upcoming Features

Dark Mode

This is one of the most awaited features that app lovers are expecting on Whatsapp. With this feature, the screen turns into a dark color and this is power-saving mode. In the meantime, it helps users by making their eyes less strained. This feature is available in most of the other applications and it is compatible with many operating systems as well. This is already a part of many beta versions of Whatsapp and yet to be released completely. 

Self-Destructing Messages

This is very similar to the iconic messaging feature in Snapchat. After a specific period of time, the messages will be deleted automatically. Users are given the option to provide the interval of time after which the messages should be deleted.

Multiple: Device Support

This is also one of the highly expected features and through this, Whatsapp can be utilized in more than one device simultaneously. Users will get some registration notification when they try to use WhatsApp on multiple devices. This is very similar to the login system of Facebook. 

WhatsApp: QR Code To Add Contacts

This is the QR code that will get generated when you share a contact. This is already under testing in beta versions of the app. Through QR code scanning users can add another contact information to their address book directly. 

Much More On The Way

Along with all these, there will be much more to come. Many other features are already under testing in the beta versions. This is one of the best messaging applications that are in use and the majority of the users have already liked it and it has gained fans all over the world. Especially after the acquisition, WhatsApp has still improved. 

WhatsApp is one of the best messaging applications that brought ease of use and simple functionalities to its users. This is the main reason people started liking this. Today it has gained popularity all over the world and it is an amazing application that is liked by most of the users. 

WhatsApp: Bottom Line

WhatsApp: Few Upcoming Features
WhatsApp: Few Upcoming Features

If you are among the WhatsApp lovers, then you should be happy since there is much more on the way to come and you can enjoy it. Especially the features like QR code and multi-device logins. These are the most expected features that are on the way and it will get released soon. The majority of features mentioned above are already under testing in beta versions and users can expect them in releases in no time. 

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