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WhatsApp Business Advertising: To Do or Not To Do!

WhatsApp Business Advertising: To Do or Not To Do!

Some of the announcements can buzz the entire market world with extreme excitement and the same thing happened when Whatsapp announced about adverts for 2020. All most all the companies were waiting for this for many years. The majority of the businesses are just waiting for the same official release. They are eager to use the power of Whatsapp for advertising.

WhatsApp API

But there are many companies that are already making use of Whatsapp API in serving their clients. But for upcoming years they are already planning their budget to invest in Whatsapp advertising. Even though Whatsapp thinks that this will be welcomed by companies they also have doubt that users may face some privacy issues as well.

WhatsApp Business Advertising: To Do or Not To Do!
WhatsApp Business Advertising: To Do or Not To Do!

Of course, the Whatsapp messaging app is one of the best ways to reach out to your customers. It has provided an environment where users always feel comfortable and safe. But there is a doubt that this advertising can become like a door-to-door salesman that the entire user hates.

Acquisition Of WhatsApp

In the years 2014, Facebook finally acquired Whatsapp. The owner Zuckerberg promised at that time that he has no plans to monetize this app in the near future. But later in 2017, the calm waters of this collaboration began to stir a little. This was the year when Brian Acton of Facebook announced that Facebook has some plans to monetize Whatsapp in the future.

Open For Business

In 2018 they released this Business App. This was a free service and it allowed many brands to create their official company profiles. This feature was mainly focused just on small businesses that were in a struggle to deliver the best customer support. Hence this official release was really helped. It didn’t result in any compromise when it comes to user data or user experience.

WhatsApp Business API

This Business API release was considered as the first attempt towards the future. This is the first step that the company took in the journey of monetizing the app. But even though this was the first step, it experienced almost no backlash. There are many reasons for this. Most importantly this WhatsApp Business API came up with a lot of ironclad rules. Almost all these rules were user-centric and companies were forced to follow these user-centric rules.


Utilizing this API or application programming interface, businesses started communicating with the clients on a large scale and automatically. Along with sending free relies on the queries of the customer just within 24 hours, companies were also able to send proactive automatic notifications that were paid.

But there are many other things that you should note here. WhatsApp Business API is not available for all the companies. The most important thing is your company should pass the application process for getting through this and avail the app. Even after this, there is a lot of roadblocks that you need to face for achieving end-user experience.

Bottom Line

WhatsApp Business Advertising: To Do or Not To Do!
WhatsApp Business Advertising: To Do or Not To Do!

So, when the company actually monetizes the app completely, there are many things that users, as well as businesses, should face. Even though many businesses will get benefited from these improvements and releases there is no clarity about privacy and user safety.

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