What You Can Expect From the 123 Movies App

123 movies app

The 123 Movies app, developed by Verizon and launched last year on the Verizon network, has become a popular choice among Verizon subscribers. Why?

Let’s face it, we all like to see movies. They are entertaining, but can be expensive. It is also time consuming. How many times have you been in a movie theater and had to wait around for an hour just to get the popcorn and soda? Now, all you have to do is download an app and have it installed on your phone.

What makes the movie’s apps such a hit with Verizon customers? Well, first, they are very convenient. You never have to leave your seat and they are a very affordable way to enjoy a movie. Many people are getting two or three movies per month through Verizon, so it only makes sense that they would like to continue that high level of enjoyment for as long as they can.

No Monthly Fees

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There are no monthly fees for movies. Most people get a free trial with the app, which is perfect for people who don’t know if the app is going to work for them. With that, you can test it out and decide whether or not you want it or not. There is no long term commitment here, but if you don’t like it, you can just keep it.

Access To All Types Of Movies

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The app allows users to access all types of movies, regardless of genre. As mentioned above, they offer many free trials. With the trials, you will be able to see for yourself if this is going to be a good fit for your life. The app allows you to buy movies from Verizon and download them to your device, so you can watch them wherever you are.

As mentioned above, the app works for all Verizon phones. That means there is no reason why you cannot take it on your home phone and use it while at home. You could even have a Verizon cell phone and use it to stream videos.

So, is the movie app worth the cost? Absolutely! As you can see, it provides great entertainment, but for the small price, it is well worth it.

Benefits Of Using Amazing Verizon Application

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If you are a Verizon customer, you have probably heard of the app, but may not have used it. That’s alright, because it’s pretty easy to use.

Downloading The App

First, you go to their website and download the app to your phone. Once downloaded, you then need to download movies onto the app. At the moment, the app includes all kinds of popular movies such as “Glee,” “Titanic”Terminator.” There are also other movies to choose from, but they aren’t as popular.

Then, you open the app and choose which movie files you want to download. Select the files and click the play button to have the selected movie automatically downloaded to your phone.

Final Words

In addition to that, you can also choose the language you want to view the movies in. If you live in Australia or Canada, for example, you can view movies that are available in English. and in Spanish. If you are living outside of the U.S., you can enjoy unlimited movies for life with the 123 Movies app. They also have other great features like unlimited downloads and streaming, which you can take advantage of for several months after purchasing the program.

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