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Top Social Media Apps Of All Time: 6 Recommendations

Top Social Media Apps

Social media have revolutionised the global society in various ways. With its advent, people have gradually changed their ways of interactions. Today, we no longer need to move physically to be with our friends, family and well-wishers. Instead, a single click does the wonders. From attending family functions to searching jobs, human life is increasingly being dependent upon the top social media apps. Fortunately, all the following six applications have also made it possible to create a virtual presence and engage with people.


The king of social media continues to influence, motivate and attract people towards the virtual world. Over the years, Facebook has successfully united cultures, geographies and generations. Its immense popularity can be assessed from the increasing population in this platform from all corners of the world. Besides individuals, organisations also invest in this channel to reach out to their target audience. The platform has also proven its worth in helping people during emergencies. You post a problem and receive immediate help from the viewers. Isn’t that wonderful?  


You cannot deny that WhatsApp has become your constant companion and perhaps, your best friend as well. After getting up from bed, the first thing that you do is check messages, see updates and send replies at the earliest. You aren’t the only one to behave like this. Thanks to the top social media apps, we can constantly be in touch with our beloved ones, share information and boost our global connectivity and existence. What more do we need?     


This trend-setting social media site allows you to express your interests, views and opinions in a short and crisp manner. In just few words, you can create an impression and who knows, your tweets might also turn into global trends. At best, you can follow eminent personalities in varied fields of interest and connect with their minds, thoughts and philosophies throughout the day. This social media application also enables you to share tweets of other users and also increase your own follower base.

Top Social Media Apps for citizens
Top Social Media Apps for netizens


If you’re more into visuals, Instagram shall be your favorite social networking site. Here, you can add spice to your life through exciting videos and pictures. Make every moment special by creating and posting your own videos and attracting viewers. With a large group of followers, you can also become an influencer of various brands and products. If you have a business, use this channel to showcase your offerings and captivate customers instantly.


When you feel bored with the above top social media apps, YouTube is there to rekindle your spirit and enthusiasm. Watch numerous videos in your interest zones, go through comments, post your own views and enjoy unlimited interactions. Be it education or hobbies, fulfil your desires by browsing videos and help others to learn new things every hour. At best, you can also start your own YouTube channel and provide entertainment and value to people around the world.      

Top Social Media Apps in the market
Top Social Media Apps in the market


Treated as the best social media application for searching jobs, LinkedIn shares your skills and expertise with global recruiters. Create an account, update your resume and receive constant notifications from consultancies and corporations. You can also expand your professional network, learn about new openings and gather industry insights. Overall, it simplifies your job searching hassles and takes you where you deserve.

So, are you ready to experience the world of social media? Then, start your day with WhatsApp like you have been doing. Switch over Facebook and as your day progresses, make some tweets on Twitter. Dedicate your afternoons to Instagram and reserve your evenings for YouTube. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a job, visit LinkedIn and make the most of it.

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