Top 5 Free Social Media Marketing Apps For 2021 -

Top 5 Free Social Media Marketing Apps For 2021

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One of the most important things for any business is to focus on the marketing strategy for the business. Whether you are running a website or not, you have to ensure that people get to know about your products and services. 

The individuals who are running the business online should consider focusing on digital marketing. There are plenty of things that can be done for marketing purposes. So, you should consider using a social media marketing app to ensure that they can give you support.

When the marketing is done from mobile, it helps to get accessibility and convenience. You can easily manage the mobile content and ensure that it can reach more people. For this, you have to learn about the best social media marketing app so you can easily use the app that offers more convenience. 

List Of Free Social Media Marketing Apps

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The first on the list is Buffer, which is one of the most popular social media marketing apps. It can help you to ensure that it can easily upload content on social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can simply check out the statistics by learning about how the content performed on each social media platform. It is also compatible with iOS devices so you can easily use it without any worries. It comes in different plans so you can decide the one which offers the best features.


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The next on the list is Hootsuite, which is one of the top social media marketing app. It can easily help you to schedule all the posts to your social media profiles like YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

It can be a bit expensive for its plans, but you will surely find that it can help you to manage up to 3 social media accounts with the use of its free plan. You can schedule up to 30 posts by using the application.

Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook is the biggest social media site on the internet. The Facebook page manager is one of the best social media marketing apps. You will find that it offers you amazing features that will help you to manage different things. You can get features for commenting, like, and posting along with replying to private messages. 

Facebook Ads Manager

The individual who runs ads on their Instagram and Facebook pages should consider using the Facebook ads manager. The social media marketing app can help you to run campus from your smartphone. You can easily edit the schedules and manage the budget. It also comes with the application to track Facebook ads.


The last of the social media marketing app list is the Later App which helps you to publish and schedule your content on Instagram. You can get a convenient feature that can help you to manage specific things. You can also manage your multiple Instagram accounts through this, as you can upload the images to the library through Google.

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