Top 5 Best Movies Apps For Android Phones

Free Watch Movies App

In this technological era, you can stream your favorite films from the comfort of your phone. You can watch these movies anywhere – on your commute to work or while you’re waiting for your food to get served at a restaurant. The only thing you need to ensure is that you have the best movies app for your phone. Fortunately, there are so many streaming options available, both free and paid. Check out the top 5 best movie apps for android in the list below.

Amazon Prime Video

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This remains to be one of the best movie app in the market. You can easily access it from the Google Play Store. It houses a ton of films, both old and new ones, which you can just download or stream for your viewing pleasure.

The best part about this app is the diversity of entertainment it offers. You can also view music, podcasts, or TV shows, whatever you are interested in. You can even change the language setting and then have the multimedia play in your language so that you can understand it better. An Amazon Prime membership will only cost you ₹129/month.


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This is actually also known as Disney Plus. This is another streaming platform that contains a vast array of films, both old and new. You can even watch live tv shows or sports in different languages. Disney is known for its numerous major franchise like Star Wars and Marvel, so you can expect all of those movies to be available on the platform. A subscription costs ₹299/month (Premium) and ₹399/year (VIP).

MX Player 

This remains to be one of the most popular streaming apps for android phones because of its user-friendly interface and zero subscription fee. It’s completely free so you can use it endlessly. It’s actually an Indian app so it houses a lot of Indian films but it does support over 12 different languages for the movies and TV shows on the site. You can easily access and install it from the Google Play Store.

Popcorn Time

This is an excellent alternative to Netflix or Amazon Prime because of its diverse selection of films. The best part is that this is absolutely free so there’s no need to sign up for a subscription or to pay a monthly fee. There are even anime shows available so it’s very diverse. You can expect new releases to pop on the app. You can still access movies from different parts of the world for as long as you use a VPN to stream or download. 


The Plex app boasts of over 80 live channels from which you can watch films and various TV shows. This diverse selection promises countless hours of viewing pleasure so that you can watch to your contentment and keep boredom at bay. The diverse channels will surely cater to your tastes. 

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