The Secret Behind Angry Birds 2’s Multiplied Revenues

The Secret Behind Angry Birds 2’s Multiplied Revenues

Angry Birds 2 was actually released at the end of the year 2015, July. At this point, it received mixed reviews. Both IGN and Pocket gamer gave applause for the graphics of this game. It also received a high appreciation for tremendous improvements that were seen in the design. But there were certain comments that were on employing the life mechanics that were very similar to that of candy Crush along with randomized levels.

The majority of the players commented that limited lives and ever-shifting levels were two things that took the fun in this game which we were getting from smashing the pigs with the birds.

Angry Bird 2- Things You Should Understand

The Secret Behind Angry Birds 2’s Multiplied Revenues
The Secret Behind Angry Birds 2’s Multiplied Revenues

When we just look at downloads, you can easily conclude that this game received massive success. Just by the end of the year, downloads were reaching 50 million. But when you consider the revenue sides, it was not so gloomy. 10 million dollars was the revenue that they could achieve.

Recent Changes That Lead To Revenue Increase

Later, the team of developers started thinking about bringing improvements in monetization, engagement, and retention. They wanted to achieve all these without hurting their fans and ratings. They had a very good approach to achieving these goals. They decided that they should achieve all these just using limited resources.

Increased Replayability

The majority of the players choose the game which has more levels to play. This is the primary condition based on which they choose the game. But when you think from a development perspective, this is a complete bottleneck. The developer will take one complete day for creating a new level and the player will just beat it up in a few minutes.

Introduction Of Mastery

They thought about introducing star-gated levels. Players should earn enough starts for unlocking these levels. For an episode with 30 levels, they decided to add just 3 stars levels. These levels were unlocked only when the player earned 90, 60, or 30 stars.

Monetization Mechanism Was Added

After enough encouragement given to the players through mastery and introduction of three-star levels, they also introduced 4 unique boosters. They had a strategy here and they tried to create more demand than just offering a solution.

They had no plans to use the lives-mechanic since it was a little pushy. They always gave important to fans and even today it is a fan-driven company. They plan strategies that are grabbing customer interest than short term business interest.

Daily Bonus Addition

This helped in retention as well as boosters experiment. This daily bonus was one of the simple strategies they used that rewarded the players through one of the four unique boosters.

Angry Birds: Bottom Line

The Secret Behind Angry Birds 2’s Multiplied Revenues
The Secret Behind Angry Birds 2’s Multiplied Revenues

Along with all these, they also released one simple update that turned this game from paid to free. These changes made the Angry Birds game to reach on to the top downloaded games list. From an unranked position, they reached 100 top games. The player base was enhanced through increased installs. These were the reasons through which they gained multiplied revenues.

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