Social Media App Logos That Are Creative And Inspirational At The Same Time -

Social Media App Logos That Are Creative And Inspirational At The Same Time

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The extremely popular social media app logos have stories behind their logo design that beautifully conveys the app’s function. Social media apps are very popular nowadays and have become a staple in everyone’s smartphone. There is not a single person on this planet who does not use even one of the very popular social media app. They indeed have taken the world by storm and will continue doing so, considering its huge fanbase. Every social media app has its unique logo conveying the app’s purpose and that appeals to its users.

Popular Social Media App Logos

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Facebook has over 2 billion users so it’s quite popular among everyone. The small f in this social media app’s logo stands for Facebook and it also has a wordmark logo in white fonts and blue background. The logo is pretty much simple, representing simplicity. The color choice of the logo is made by keeping in mind the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s color blindness. Despite the countless changes made in Facebook itself, the logo remains relatively intact.


Instagram has nearly 120 million users wherein you can click beautiful pictures, post them online, and follow your favorite people and their posts. Since Instagram is all about sharing photos and videos, its logo strikes a resemblance of a camera, thereby perfectly suiting the app’s purposes. 

Initially, a retro cream and brown camera that had the word ‘Insta’ and a rainbow stripe was their logo. The overall look featured like a Polaroid camera but in 2016, the logo changed into a camera set on a gradient background of magenta, purple, and orange.

More Social Media App Logos 

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Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app that was initially called Picaboo. Its logo was a ghost and Snapchat has retained the ghost shape but removed its face. The ghost in the logo has a thick black outline against a yellow square with the corners rounded. Apart from the unique choice of shape, the yellow color is striking enough to help the logo become recognizable.


Twitter app has active users in a great number and it’s all about tweeting and letting your thoughts communicate to other users. The cute Twitter bird in the logo beautifully conveys this.

There has been a lot of changes in its logo. The original design was green in an attempt to make the logo youthful. But the logo got changed before its 2006 launch and the new one featured a simple lowercase name of the brand in order to make it easily recognizable. In 2010, Larry the Bird logo came into picture which further got modified. It is now simply known as Twitter Bird, and has since remained intact.


WhatsApp is a messaging app that connects users with an Internet connection instead of local network services used for calls and texts. The logo features a white phone on a green dialogue cloud. The design is pretty much straightforward, clearly representing the purpose of the app.


Different social media apps have become an integral part of modern day living, helping people connect in ways that no one can imagine. With its extensive use, their logos are designed to strike an instant connection with the users as it represents the entirety of the business.

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