Social Media App And Communication - Saving Your Privacy -

Social Media App And Communication – Saving Your Privacy

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Though social media apps and social networking sites were designed to give the world better communication mediums, their growth and increased number of users have led to many breaches in the ethical responsibilities on the part of the users. Today, social media has become a very important and useful part of our lives. Still, it is also crucial to be careful and cautious about the social-ethical issues present in today’s world. Before you start using these communication applications, you should understand what they are expecting from you in terms of data and identity. You are responsible to keep your credentials safe from the obvious issues. 

Social Media App Privacy

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With all your data on the internet, the privacy and safety of it is a major concern. Many people today are addicted to social media and are online most of the time. This may lead to leakage of data from their profile. Additionally, GPS tracking features on some platforms today may give all the information about your whereabouts. On top of it, the race to become more popular by having more friends/followers are proving to be highly dangerous as the unknown profiles on your account may hack or circulate your data.

Freedom of Speech

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It is a human right that is universally attributed to every human as per Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Humans are free to put their opinions or expressions. However, speech may often become a dangerous weapon that can be manipulated to spark racial and religious hatred within social media. It is often seen that a comment or a simple greeting is turned and manipulated to become major political, religious, or racial issues. 

Social Media App – Identity Theft

Identity theft is an issue that is very serious and may cause great damage to the victim. It is a technique where the criminals impersonate a person’s identity for committing a crime or doing any fraud. The result and consequences of which has to be faced by the victim whose id had been impersonated. It can occur by two methods hacking the original account or creating a fake account.

Accessibility in Social Networking

Digital accessibility is the foremost challenge to an organization. With more accessibility, organizations bring in new members who propagate their agenda and usefulness. Therefore, how a social networking platform is accessible to the general mass dictates the path for its growth. With an abundance of ideas and new norms, it has become much difficult for platforms to reach out in a more positive and changing manner to lure potential customers. 


With the rise of communities and their justifications, the ethical dilemma has grown over the years, including cyberbullying, privacy violations, data thefts, and bashing. Consumers are more prone to hoax facts and scams, which has garnered how we should resolve ethical issues duly and timely. Various organizations lure customers with the best possible steps they have taken to get their ideas and interest accessible to others in digital content, which includes picture sharing, video making, and alternative automotive text.

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