SHAREit: Quickest Way To Share Content

SHAREit: Quickest Way To Share Content

This SHAREit platform has already gained over 300 million users. SHAREit is one of the very popular options through which users share content. This is one of the fastest and highly secured ways of sharing content. SHAREit is available for free and it is the best file-sharing app through which you can transfer files across all kinds of platforms and with any operating system in place.

SHAREit And Sending Files With No Network Connection

SHAREit: Quickest Way To Share Content
SHAREit: Quickest Way To Share Content

It is possible to install this on almost all the devices running Android or Windows. There is no size limit on files that you want to share via this. You can send a file of any size. The file can be multimedia, document, or app as well. Through this, you can make yourself more discoverable and start sending all kinds of documents.

Why Use This App

It is possible to make use of this for sending content faster than ever before. The transfer of the content through SHAREit is 40 times faster when compared to Bluetooth. The transfer is comparatively safer than USB and cloud.

Sending Files Without A Network Connection

This platform works based on peer-to-peer exchange and through which it succeeds in making the connection with other devices. It makes use of Wi-Fi radio for sending and receiving files.

This app has the capability to handle all kinds of user sharing needs.

  • It can handle file transfer of any size
  • It can transfer large-sized documents quickly
  • This app also ensures secure sending
  • All the files are saved directly on the target device and not on the cloud
  • This can handle the transfer of the files of any format. It can transfer PDF docs, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, HTML, TXT, folders, multimedia, and even apps
  • This app is compatible with Windows 10
  • SHAREit is available in Russian, Japanese, French, Chinese, Spanish, and English

Tips To Using ShareIt

When two devices make use of the SHAREit app, they can easily see one another. They should be present within the 100 feet range. For sending files, you should choose your device as the sender and you should drag and drop the files or you can also browse for the file.

Now, the device searches and comes up with a list of all the available devices nearby. Now you should choose the appropriate device and send the file. Once the file is sent, the receiver device should accept the files. Once they accept, those files will be saved in the Downloads folder of their device.

The files will be present in My File and inside that SHAREit folder. But photos usually get collected in photos folder.

Bottom Line

SHAREit: Quickest Way To Share Content
SHAREit: Quickest Way To Share Content

Even though there are many apps for sharing files from one device to another, SHAREit was the first among them that doesn’t demand either Bluetooth or network connection. It is very useful and even for larger files you need not waste your data when you want to transfer it to the device nearby.

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