Movies App for Android: 5 Great Brands That You Should Try

Movies App For Android

Movies are one of the best ways to seek entertainment. Every individual enjoys a different taste and preference for films. However, the problem lies in finding all the desired collections in one place. As a result, virtual movie lovers install multiple movies app for android to watch their favorite shows at their convenient time and place. The good news is that market abounds with various movie apps that cater to all types of choices and options. Like most others, you can also install these applications, jazz up your movie time and look forward to a better digital experience.

Amazon Prime Video

Subscribe to this video streaming application and browse different categories of movies along with television shows. Its high-quality videos account for a crystal-clear view in all screen sizes. Create an account, specify your movie genres, download them and avail the opportunity to watch 4K titles. You can also look for movies under Amazon Originals, which aren’t easily available anywhere else. Besides these, the app recommends movies on the basis of your past movie records and preferences. With this, it reduces your searching and browsing time and improves the quality of online movie entertainment.   


Another popular movies app for android, Netflix enables you to watch the same movies again and again. Be it romance or detective, fiction or family drama, choose from numerous options and create your movie-time anywhere. Besides regular movies, Netflix also contains interesting documentaries, short films and web series. The quality of content of these productions is truly remarkable and captivating. In case you don’t have much time to fulfill your movie cravings, download the shows and watch them offline. If need be, you can even delete them after watching and find them on this platform again. Where else will you get such advantages?  

Movies App For Android platforms
Movies App For Android platforms

Google Play Movies

If you’re looking for reasonable movie entertainment apps, Google Play Movies shall be the best option. After free installation, you can go through the existing collections and then either buy or rent movies and watch them later in offline mode. The most interesting feature of this platform is that it offers the newest collections before any other domain like Amazon Prime and Netflix. Therefore, you can quickly access the latest films and shows and watch them before the subscribed users of these two premium movie applications. The quality and speed of video streaming is also commendable. Do you need anything else?             

The Criterion Channel

With a wide range of international, classical and contemporary films, this movie application is worth every penny that you spend. Install the 14-day trial version, get a glimpse of the entire experience and then subscribe for watching your all-time favorite shows and movies.  Unlike any other movies app for android, it compels you to develop new areas of interest and explore the latest collections made available. When you think of subscribing to this app, brace yourself for some special features that are thematically programmed to deliver an unparalleled experience in online movies.          

Tubi TV

The most economical of all movie entertainment apps for android, Tubi TV is strongly recommended if you’re on a strict budget. Enjoy best-in-class movies and television series without incurring any expenses at all. Browse all the available genres and select your desired movies in a hassle-free manner. The number and frequency of advertisements are way lesser than what you get in television. Thus, it saves quality time and provides best movie experience digitally.

Movies App for Android users
Movies App for Android users

So, these were all the best brands of movie applications. Now that you’ve learned about them, choose the most suitable one according to your budget and preference, grab some snacks and you’re all set for a wonderful theatrical experience. Also, don’t forget to share these recommendations with your friends and acquaintances. Learn, share and enjoy collectively even from a distance.

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