Movie Apps: Top Ones To Watch During The Quarantine

Movie Apps: Top Ones To Watch During The Quarantine

Movie apps are one of the most searched keywords on the internet today. During the pandemic, most people are bored at home. Most countries are facing a lockdown, and the citizens feel trapped inside their homes. Being at home with family is great for most people. But some people are living alone in their house and do not have anyone to talk to.

It is hard for them to survive the lockdown without having a single soul to talk to. More than that, some people perhaps are stuck with their dysfunctional families. It is torture for such people and suffering to another level.

Everyone needs some form of entertainment throughout the day. Of course, when you are working and traveling to and from your office, it is slightly different. You get to meet a lot of people on the way and chat with your co-workers. You can spend your day talking your heart out, expressing yourself, and laughing.

Movie Apps: Top Ones To Watch During The Quarantine
Movie Apps: Top Ones To Watch During The Quarantine

All this is the essential requirement of a human being, which is not possible anymore. Life after this pandemic is lonely, and most people are going through significant mental health challenges. In such tough times, art and music and literature are the only forms that offer some soothing to a troubled mind.

Importance Of Movie Apps

However, picking up a classic book and reading through the pages may seem daunting for many. Listening to songs all day will not only reduce your hearing after a point but also make you feel exhausted. Therefore watching movies and series are the only two ways that will keep you entertained during this time.

The next question is, where will you find the endless stream of good movies and web series to fill your appetite? We have chosen some excellent movie streaming apps that will help you swim through a lonely and dreary day.

Disney+ Movie Apps

A direct rival of Netflix will be Disney+. We know the high quality and accessible content that this company already owns. Lucas films, marvel, 20th Century Fox, etc. have produced related content that has been ruling the markets and the minds of the audience since their release. Moreover, there is news that Disney+ is pulling all its content from other OTT platforms to gain its subscriber base.

Movie Apps: Top Ones To Watch During The Quarantine
Movie Apps: Top Ones To Watch During The Quarantine

Netflix Movie Apps

The name Netflix comes up in mind every time we talk about online movies and tv series. This app has been ruling the internet and is hugely responsible for the low TRP in traditional Television shows. The success of Netflix opened the path for many production companies and studios to start their own OTT platform and regain their audience.

In today’s time, Netflix does have as many new films and television shows as the new platforms do. But it is still considered the father of all these owing to its high number of content.


In conclusion, we would like to add other names like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV+, Hotstar, and many more.

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