Know The Best Options For Social Media App Blocker

Social Media App Blocker

Social media have made our lives a lot more connected than we would have ever imagined. Practically anyone, be it your friends or family is only a click away. Just like everything else, social media has its own negatives.

One of those negatives is that most of us feel a strong urge to check our social media apps every now and then which often results in work delays. With that being said, if you are here looking for the best options for social media app blocker, you have come to the right place. So without further ado, let’s begin with our list:


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The first entry in our list of the best options for social media app blocker is offtime. With the use of this app, you can block text messages, the games you are addicted to, as well as the social media apps you frequently use. What’s more interesting is that you can use modes like Work, Family, or Me Time to personalize it according to your needs and use them accordingly.

For instance, you can block Instagram during your work schedule and unblock it for your personal time. Also, if you are looking for ways to observe how much time you invest in your phone and various apps, offtime is your friend. Offtime is available for both Android and iPhone users.


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The second entry and also the most unique entry in our list of the best options for social media app blocker is forest. This app, much like our previous recommendation blocks social media apps for you but it does have its own unique take on it. To use the app, all you need to do is to say that you want to plant a tree after opening the app.

Now if you choose to switch to a different app, your tree will die. On the other hand, if you don’t move on to another app for 25 minutes, your tree will live. Similarly, as you continue working, the number of trees will increase and eventually turn into a forest. The app is free for android users but it is priced at $1.99 for iPhone users. There’s also an option for chrome extension if you want to use Forest on your computer.


Moment is the third entry in our list of the best options for social media app blocker. It’s worth mentioning here that unlike the previous entries on our list, this app is only available for iPhone users. This app allows you to monitor your device usage and set time limits for various apps.

It fills your screen with notifications in case you exceed the set limits. This app also allows you to track your child’s device usage from your own phone. Needless to say, this app is great for parents who are looking to keep an eye on their child’s phone usage.


So, that was our take on the best options for social media app blocker. Here’s hoping we were of some help on the matter.

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