Instagram Features That You Should Know -

Instagram Features That You Should Know

Instagram Features That You Should Know

Instagram is one of the platforms that is growing with continuous changes and it is adding new features on a regular basis. They are switching their algorithms frequently and in the meantime, it is allowing users to be on their toes. Because of the constant change and updates, Instagram is still on the top. 

Instagram And Its Features

Here is a list of best features that you will be getting on Instagram very soon. 

Dark Mode

Instagram Features That You Should Know
Instagram Features That You Should Know

If you woke and up to see a dark Instagram, then be happy that you are welcomed with a new feature through the latest beta version. This darker version is available for Android 13 and iOS 13. This will be available in this most-loved and popular social media app very soon. But there are some users who are freaking out because the feature is not completely ready and it is not clear. As we said earlier, this dark version is just available for limited operating systems and if you are one of the owners of that operating system then you should try this feature. 

If you are using iPhone then go to your settings and reach Display and Brightness. Here, you can choose and toggle to dark option. If you are the owner of an Android device then go to settings and choose Display. Here, you should select Theme and turn it to the dark theme. 

Instagram Email Checker

Instagram has finally come up with something for controlling hackers. They have realized the major issue that users were facing regarding the hacking of accounts through sending emails. These mails were received by users saying, please change your password. The majority of the people did it and they were in the hands of hackers.

Now, with the new feature users can easily make out if the email is genuine or not. They can easily check the emails received by Instagram in the last few days and this helps in cross-checking.  Users should go to their Instagram profile and then they should hit on the hamburger icon. Choose settings and then security. Check for ‘emails from Instagram’. 

Profile Restrictions For Anti-Bullying

There is a new feature called restrict. This helps users in blocking interactions from certain users that are spreading bullying, hate, and they are completely unwanted for your profile. This is totally different from the blocking feature. In this case, the users restricted will never come to know that they are blocked. They can continue to fill your profile with hate comments. But the best part is, no other can see it. 

If the user is interested then only he can reveal these messages. Otherwise, there will be a comment called restricted and you are no longer affected by the negativity of the person. 

Instagram Features That You Should Know
Instagram Features That You Should Know

You should choose the ‘!’ icon for choosing the restrict feature. This is for the comment which is already present. Otherwise, you can go to your profile and then choose the hamburger icon and go to settings. Here choose privacy and then choose ‘restricted accounts’. Here you should choose known offenders and then restrict them. 

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