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Has Temple Run Reached Its Last Lap?

Has Temple Run Reached Its Last Lap?

The main thing that the player should perform here is choosing a character player and start leading it. There will be a broken-down temple and broken paths and players should lead the competitor through this path. Along with leading, there is one more job to be done and that is collecting the gold coins as many as possible on the way.

A few years back, Temple Run was one of the best games and it was liked by almost all the kids and adults. Even though it was simple at first, going forward and reaching the next levels were really challenging.

Temple Run: What You Should Know

Has Temple Run Reached Its Last Lap?
Has Temple Run Reached Its Last Lap?

On the way, players would face obstacles like broken paths, bridges, and even tree branches. In case the character is not able to face it and move, he will hit the obstruction. In this case, the player will falter and he will be later chased by the animals present in the temple.

For example, if he hits by the obstacles for the second time, he will lose a life. This is a general way and through this only the fame of this game slowly played out. There are many other things like: you have the choice to pick the appearance of the player, power-ups and players were using it. This was everything about a game to which millions of people hooked for a few years.

Temple Run And Releases

In 2011 August, temple run was released for the first time. This was one of the video games that came with three-dimensional formats. This belonged to the category of endless games and you can experience keeping on running in this game if you do well. This is the reason they gave the name ‘Temple run’.

It was developed by Imangi Studios. If you want to dig up and understand the birth of this game, it was actually programmed, produced, and designed by a couple. Natalia Luckyanova and Keith Shepherd are the people behind this game. Hence, they were called as a power couple.

Temple Run was a little different in the first release. It was actually released for iOS first and altered when they gave the version for Android. There were many spin-offs that were released later in the market. It ruled the world of game lovers for many years.

Its Presence Today

But, we are actually searching for Temple Run now and we couldn’t find it. It was so popular a few years back and we really do not understand what happened to this popular game today.

Yes, it is still there. There is one big secret because of which games run for years. That is nothing but regular addition of situations and characters. If some game doesn’t succeed in providing this, it will vanish easily. The main reason is, without any excitement, it can’t run for long since players will easily get bored so soon.

Bottom Line

Has Temple Run Reached Its Last Lap?
Has Temple Run Reached Its Last Lap?

So, Temple Run is no more than a very popular game among game lovers. Since there is high competition in the market, it may have found it difficult to survive. There are many newest games that are already ruling the chart.

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