Google Maps Features We All Have Been Waiting For!

Google Maps Features We All Have Been Waiting For!

If you have to name a navigation app that is reliable and most trusted, then it is Google Maps. It is helping people with their travel by providing the best route possible to their destinations. More than that, it also provides information about new places on their way. If you are a Google Maps lover, then you have good news. The company recently announced some upcoming updates to this popular navigation app. Some of them are Google Lens and Explore button.

But all these fascinating updates are still under development. In the meantime, they released one more update that has already made navigation and communication much more interactive and comfortable.

Google Maps And Its Updates

Google Maps Features We All Have Been Waiting For!
Google Maps Features We All Have Been Waiting For!

There are many updates released for Google Maps. Let’s look into some of them!

Music Streaming Integration

The majority of the commuters like listening to music on their journey but they may also need to look at the maps. It certainly is hard for them to switch between the music app and the navigation app. But Google Maps has already found a solution to this issue. It has now released the integration with Spotify. So, users can now access Spotify when they are using maps.

Apart from this, they can also link to Apple Music or even to Google Play Music. This is allowing the commuters to listen to their own playlists. Even though this is one of the simple updates, this is highly welcoming since it has succeeded in enhancing the users’ experience.

Google Assistant Integration

On the way to the destination, you may have some stopovers. It can be either gas stations or convenience stores. If you are using any other navigation app, then you should do one more navigation trip for finding these stopovers. That means you need to reset the map again.

This issue is also solved by Google Maps. There is an integration that was released and it has already integrated the map with Google Assistant. They have already provided the search menu as well. Through this, users can easily locate nearby locations.

Sharing Trip Progress

Many times, you may want to inform about your whereabouts to your family and friends. This is really helpful when you are running late and in case of emergencies as well. Google Maps offers a function by adding the share button. Through this, you can share the progress of the trip. This will either send a text message and even email to their contacts and they will come to know your exact location.

Commute and Explore Tab

Explore tab was announced as to be present in upcoming updates. But it can be viewed on the Map itself. This helps users in providing information about nearby best locations that are good. These can be gyms, restaurants, attractions, or landmarks. Best among these is the Foodie list. This is provided using Google lists. This is very useful when you are searching for food places nearby and expecting the directions for the same.

Google Maps Features We All Have Been Waiting For!
Google Maps Features We All Have Been Waiting For!

Google Maps: Bottom Line

These are some of the updates that you will like in Google Maps.

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