Google Maps Features: Upcoming Apps

Google Maps Features: Upcoming Apps

Google Maps is like a living, breathing, an interactive timeline of all the places you can see on the planet. They have not only given you access to the map but have also launched a fantastic new way to find everything on the internet. The latest features include “Upcoming Apps” that show you the information that you need and know about the most popular upcoming apps.

Find A Specific Location

To use this new feature, Google Maps first must be downloaded onto your smartphone. Then you can get this information by finding a specific location on the map and then pressing on the menu button on your device.

Upcoming Apps
Google Maps Features: Upcoming Apps

App In Development: Google Maps Features

You will see that the next three icons are labeled “Upcoming App,” “Apps in Development,” and “Search.” When you see the next three icons, you will see that each one is labeled a particular application, which shows a little icon next to it, and this is a link to a website with further information. You may press this link and then move your device a little farther down the list of applications.

Find A List Of Application

When you go down the list, there will be a space and a question mark button beside a particular application. By pressing the space and the question mark button, you will return to the main Google Maps application. You can scroll down further to find a list of applications and locate the “Upcoming App” link beside them.

List Of Apps: Google Maps Features

Just like with the list of apps, when you find a particular app, you can press the up arrow to scroll further down the list. After pressing the up arrow, you will return to the Google Maps application, and you will see the link to the upcoming app at the top right corner of the screen.

New Apps Are Available

When you use the arrow on the right side of the screen, you will be directed to the website that the new app is available for download. If the upcoming app is free, you will be taken to a site where you can sign up for the beta program.

Search Something On The Internet

The process is very similar to what you would do if you were searching for something on the internet, except that Google Maps has gone the extra mile to get you information faster. They have even made it possible for you to update your “Upcoming App” by clicking the Updating icon on the page where you found the new app.

Updating Icon On The Website

Once you click the Updating icon on the website, you will be asked to register and provide your email address to get access to the beta testing program. This will allow you to be notified when the new version of the app is available for download.

Upcoming apps in google apps features.
Google Maps Features: Upcoming Apps

Various Mobile Platforms

Even though Google Maps has been successful in introducing apps into the mobile environment, they still lag behind competitors when it comes to application development. This is because Google has decided to focus their resources on new features for their web site instead of making sure the developers have apps for the various mobile platforms.

Launching Pad: Google Maps Features

Google has also made it more difficult for the developers of the new app by preventing them from using their services as a launching pad. Since they have so many features, apps are in a queue until one is finally allowed to launch.

My Location: Google Maps Features

Recently Google has made it easier for users to find information from their phones and add a feature to their online map page, called “My Location,” where you can see a map of your current location and the distance to any destination. Now, thousands of users have received updates from their phones to see the latest attractions and places that they can see.


It’s exciting to see what this Live Map Technology has in store for us in the future. Now you don’t have to wait for Google Maps to add the next feature before you see it, you can check the My Location page any time and instantly see what it looks like on the street!

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