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Games Apps For Kids: 5 Popular Options

Games Apps For Kids

Games and kids are made for each other. These playful sessions are the primary source of entertainment for your child. The present generation of children is more attracted towards online games and spends a considerable amount of time with your smartphones and laptops. As a responsible parent, you should control their exposure and ensure that they learn and grow while playing. For this, you need to know about the five popular games apps for kids and choose the best option for your little one.

ABC Mouse

This learning-cum-game app is most suitable for infants and young children below 10 years. Through a wide range of activities, it imparts basic knowledge of numbers, alphabets and sounds. The app also acquaints children with various shapes, sizes and colors. The most interesting feature is that ABC Mouse exposes the young minds to various locations for instance, classroom, zoo and farm. The different levels also ask similar questions or rope your child in same activities, both of which become a revision for their lessons. In this way, kids enjoy the games and develop fundamental skills even without your assistance.   

Stardew Valley  

Nature is the best friend of children. In the game apps for kids, the tiny tots learn how to farm, grow crops and maintain cattle. The entire farmyard becomes their world and with each level they exert greater control over their abilities. While doing so, they also participate in village fairs, mine adventures and fishing. Amidst such fun and galore, the young players also learn to fight against some evil characters and obtain victory. You’ll be happy to know that these activities prepare the future citizens to face the real-life challenges in a better way. Most importantly, as long as they remain with Stardew Valley, you get some privacy.

Games Apps For Kids in the market
Games Apps For Kids in the market

Worms 3

This wonderful game of strategy places your child in charge of certain worms, who are constantly threatened by the rival groups for survival. As children play Worms 3 they acquire the skills of leadership and team management right from an early age. They also start developing some perceptions of everyday problems that they’re likely to face. The attractive graphics, designated names and professions of each worm are a bonus entertainment for them. Overall, the players increase their confidence and courage; they become self-learners. And with this, you also reduce your responsibilities of inculcating these values in their lives.

Stack The States 2

If your child attends middle school, you can invest in this app. On one hand, it throws some targets and on the other, educates youngsters in general knowledge. At each level, the players acquire information about different nations as well their unique features and get the opportunity to apply their understandings at a later stage. What’s more, the game apps for kids have different versions for different countries. It also features three other related games, which your child can access after completing the required rounds. Overall, entertainment and education happen simultaneously.        

Games Apps For Kids for multiple usage
Games Apps For Kids for multiple usage

SAGO Mini Friends

Another interesting game for kids, SAGO Mini Friends organizes interactive events that help build multidisciplinary capabilities in your child. Every activity provides a leadership role besides developing a sense of responsibility within the players. As your kid takes a lonely walk or help friends in fixtures and repairs, a sense of self-esteem and freedom emerges from within. The young learners can also explore new things, encounter new adventures and seek new learning at each level. If your child plays this game, don’t be surprised by the rise in maturity level as compared to his/her age.

These are the best game applications for educating and entertaining your little, beloved one. Based on your child’s age, choose the best game app and increase the exposure. With these small things, children get to dream big and think better as compared to others in the same age group.  

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