Candy Crush Game: 5000th Level Is Here Know All The Secrets!

Candy Crush Game's 5000th Level Is Here: Know All The Secrets!

Irrespective of the platform on which you are playing this game either it is Facebook or other you are going to enjoy this candy crush game. Candy Crush Saga is one of the original games that is enjoyed by almost all the game lovers. Candy Crush game is one of the easiest and most entertaining games available today. It is liked by almost all the kids on this planet and even by adults. What most people don’t know is, Candy Crush Saga will release the 5000th level in the coming days.

Candy Crush Game

Candy Crush Game's 5000th Level Is Here: Know All The Secrets!
Candy Crush Game’s 5000th Level Is Here: Know All The Secrets!

Every week there are millions of new players who are downloading and installing this game on their mobile phones. Of course, this number is growing day by day and there is no sign of any downside in the number even though there are a lot of new games released on a daily basis. It is already revealed that the total earning from this game is more than £3 billion.

Sebastian Knutsson is one of the original designers of this Candy Crush Saga game and he thinks that luck is behind their success. Earlier they were expecting that this game will be played by game lovers at least for a week before they look for some new thing. But surprisingly people continued to play this game and still today they are enjoying it.

They even expected that Candy Crush Saga will stay in the gaming market for the utmost of six months. After that, it will definitely die. After the release, they even started thinking about new ideas to release after this one dies. But things didn’t happen as that and Candy Crush Saga gave them a big success.

What is Candy Crush Saga?

This is one of the variants of match-three puzzle games that were already very popular when Candy Crush Saga released. All over the world, match-three games are very popular and played by people of all ages. The best part of these games is that they are very simple to understand and play. This is the reason these games are favorite for kids.

What It Contains?

The player should start with a board full of colored tiles. The player can start swapping the tiles and start playing the game. They can swap any tile with the adjacent one. The main aim here is, the swap should try to result in a line of three same tiles. Once the player ends up with this, those three tiles disappear.

Now, more and more tiles start dropping from the top. There are many things that can happen in your game journey and everything depends on the level and game you are playing. Even the end goal can vary from game to game.

In this game, tiles are nothing but sweets with attractive colors. Each and every level comes with unique goals. The player will get bonuses at the end when he clears more and more tiles. He can also expect a bonus when he matches more than three tiles at once.

Bottom Line

Candy Crush Game's 5000th Level Is Here: Know All The Secrets!
Candy Crush Game’s 5000th Level Is Here: Know All The Secrets!

The majority of the games here are free to play. These games are very easy to learn but you should know that they are difficult to master.

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