Best Photo Apps For iOS And Android Users For 2020

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There are many reasons to use photo apps. Through using these apps in your business you can easily catch customer attention. It is very important to use the best quality photos for your business. But you cannot spend a lot just for photos. It is better to make use of photo editors or photo apps to make your job easier.

Over 35 percent of the marketers have the opinion that visual images or visual appearance is very important in attracting the audience.

What Is Photo App?

The photo app is a software application that is built for editing pictures on your mobile phone. When you own a business you can make use of this app for creating a better visual strategy. Through this, you can display your products in a more professional way by just using a phone app.

Best Photo Apps For iOS And Android Users For 2020
Best Photo Apps For iOS And Android Users For 2020

These apps bring varieties of unique features. They allow you to crop, control the shutter speed, and you can even add filters. Along with this, some of the apps even provide collaging options and creating automatic settings for different scenes.

Best Free Photo Apps for iPhones and Android

Here is a list of few free Photo apps that are really beneficial for your business.


This photo app is freely available and it can be used both in Android and iOS devices. This app is meant for advanced photo editing. Google’s Snapseed comes with a huge range of features and it also has an intuitive interface.

This photo app offers a range of preset filters. But the best part is most of these filters can be edited and you can also create your own filters from scratch. More than that, it also brings almost all classic tools like straightening, cropping, text, frames, and even vignettes. Without even making the image grainy, you can perform the job of sharpening.


This app is free and it is available for both iOS and Android. This app is mainly designed for classic-look filters. So, similar to Instagram, even VSCO combines editing tools, cameras, and online communities.

But the best thing is the filters. This app comes with a complete set of stunning filters. The photos taken through this app will look similar to that of an analog film camera. These unique features add a touch of class to all your photos. These can perform better when compared to Instagram presets that are heavily featured. Through simple slider, you can reset these filters.

Prisma Photo Editor

This app is meant for turning your photos in a better way and making them into drawings and paintings. This app is also freely available and it is available on Android as well as iOS. The best thing we can talk about this app is Prisma.

Best Photo Apps For iOS And Android Users For 2020
Best Photo Apps For iOS And Android Users For 2020

Prisma makes use of a concept called artificial neural networks. Through this it enables users to make their photos to look like paintings that are by Munch and Picasso. You should try this app and you will definitely like it. There are enough filters but in case if you want to try more you can buy them. There is an online community dedicated to Prisma users. After editing is done, you can share the image and look for Prisma feed.

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