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Best Games Apps For PC

Games Apps for Pc

Are you someone who believes that playing using a mouse and controller is much more fun than playing on a touch screen? If yes, you might be delighted to read this article. We have discovered some of the best games apps for PC so that you can satisfy your desire to gaming at your own comfort. There are innumerable options of games apps on android. However, there is an equally good number of games apps for PC too. Gone are those days when you would buy a CD and insert it into your PC to play games. All you need is to have a valid Gmail id and download whatever game you want.

Are Games Apps For PC Safe

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All the games apps for PC are downloaded from a certified web browser like Mozilla, Chrome, etc. All you require to download a games apps for Pc is a valid Gmail id. There are various game apps that are available for free. However, if you like the paid version of some game apps, proceed to the payment gateway only when you are sure about the authentication. Also, keep your PC updated with the latest anti-virus software. You are therefore illuminating any chances of a virus or a bug attacking your PC. If you keep all the precautionary measures in your mind, games apps for PC are completely safe to download and use. In fact, they are much more fun than compared to games apps on android. You have a broader screen and more control over the actions because of the keyboard, mouse, or controller.

Best Games Apps For PC

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Bluestacks 4/ MSI Player

This is one of the best games apps for PC. It can be downloaded very easily from the browser. You will require to sign up with your existing Gmail id. Once you have logged in, you can download the app either from the My Library option of Google play store or directly from the browser. The choice lies with you. Once downloaded, you will need to launch it. After that, you will see a game center logo on the desktop of your PC’s screen. That’s it. You can find hundreds of games and their collection in that game center.

Nox Player

You can download this app from the Nox Player website from any browser. Once downloaded, you will find some pre-installed games on it. However, you can install many more.

Game Loop

It is the official emulator of PUBG mobile. Once downloaded, all you need is to launch it from the Game center.


Playing games of your choice on your smart devices is a kind of satisfaction; only a few can understand. However, not everyone likes to play games on android or ios phones. Some prefer games apps for PC over android phones. By playing games at games apps for PC, you have more control over your movements and actions in the game. However, do not forget to install good anti-virus software on your PC before-hand.

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