Best call Recording App For Android Users -

Best call Recording App For Android Users

Best call Recording App For Android Users

There are many legitimate uses of the call recording app. The majority of the people prefer to record their calls though these call recorder apps. This can be for security or legal reasons, but there are many people who use it for illegal reasons as well. Hence, it is very important to make sure the rules and regulations present in your country before deciding to record calls and use call recorder apps. 

Call Recorder Apps

Best call Recording App For Android Users
Best call Recording App For Android Users

Here are some best call recorder apps that you should consider and better to try trial versions before going for paid versions. 

  • Automatic Call Recorder by Appliqato
  • ACR Call Recorder
  • Automatic Call Recorder by RSA

ACR Call Recorder

This call recorder app is available in the free version as well.  But if you want to make use of extra features, then there is a paid version as well. This is one of the most popular apps for a recording that is available for Android. This comes with a lot of features and most of them are really useful. Cloud backup and quality settings for recording are two of the best features. 

The best part is, this app is very simple to use. The main reason is, it doesn’t offer massive features when compared to Blackbox. But almost all the features are really useful. There are a few bugs that you can find here and there. There are some complaints regarding the call log that you should consider. 

Automatic Call Recorder

The paid version of this app may cost around 6 dollars but there is a free version as well. This call recorder is from Appliqato. This comes on the top of the list if you consider top call recorder apps. There is one thing that you should note about this app and that is a change in the call log. Changes are made in Google Play policies. Even after this change, this is still a functional call recorder.

This app also features integration and that is between Dropbox and Google Drive. Along with this, there are little and fascinating features. The pro version is really expensive but there are many additional features that you can expect for the extra money you paid. 

Automatic Call Recorder By Recorder Smart Apps

This app is also available for free as well as for paid. The pro version of the app is not available for free. This app is similar to the other call recording app called Automatic Call Recorder app. But it is not as popular as Automatic Call Recorder. Even though it didn’t gain popularity, it has a lot of good features. You can record several unique audio codes using this app. 

Blackbox Call Recorder

The paid version of this app is reasonable and affordable. But there is a free version also available. This is one of the professional call recorder apps available today. There are many features that are really useful and some of them are cloud backup support, recording, and settings for recording good quality audio. 

Best call Recording App For Android Users
Best call Recording App For Android Users

Bottom Line

This is the call recorder app list that you should consider before choosing an app for call recording. 

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