Best Business Apps For Smart Management: 5 Recommendations

Best Business Apps

Revenue, Growth, Profit- these are some of the common vocabularies in the life of every businessman. Incidentally, the three parameters also become a matter of deep concern when figures signify a downward trend. The good news is managers can alleviate their anxiety by incorporating small-scale changes such as installing the best business apps. These easy-to-use applications facilitate seamless management of personal documents and information. It saves time, effort and the cost of maintaining physical files at home. Similarly, they reduce the organizational hassles of performing documentation works and switching across multiple files and folders.        

Microsoft OneDrive

As the big boss of business applications, Microsoft OneDrive enables you to store and share your work documents on-the-go. Install it and you’ll fall in love with its design and customer interface. Its unique features are specially crafted to fulfill your specific requirements. For instance, you can preview your presentation, edit client reports and preserve all important folders at one place. Simultaneously, you can access the required file from the cloud server and work on them offline at your convenience. Even if you aren’t at your desk or you choose to stay at home, work does not get hampered and this contributes to success.    

Polaris Office

This is a perfect substitute for word documents and spreadsheets. Get this and get rid of your laptops if you only use them for accessing these basic applications. Polaris Office accounts for excellent compatibility across multiple platforms and screen sizes. So, you can freely present from mobile and kudos for that! As one of the best business apps, it offers more than 300 spreadsheet functions- conditional formatting, filtering and sorting data, to name a few. You can also construct pivot tables, analyze charts and extract accurate meanings without much effort. With these, you reduce operational costs and witness more profits and growth.    

Best Business Apps for enterpreneurs
Best Business Apps for entrepreneurs


If you’re already maintaining a remote project team, this is a must-have. Its dynamic features, flexible accessibility and customized functioning streamline project management, saving more productive time for actual work. Install this application and enjoy seamless conversations with your teammates. Organize weekly meetings, yearly conferences; invite guests for business seminars and grow together. While doing so, be rest assured about maintaining data integrity and accessibility as Flock allows you to restrict the accessibility of your guests to relevant portals and sections only. Imagine all these in just few clinks from your mobile.   


Counted among the Best Business Apps, Unifyle is the one-stop solution for all your business needs. With this in your pocket, you can easily connect with other important apps for business and enhance your brand presence. It also enables your employees to organize data and access them with maximum security at any point of time and from any location. You can also use the virtual file management feature to enhance your visibility over business documents and ensure things are in order for all your stakeholders. What more do you need to keep going?  

Best Business Apps in the market
Best Business Apps in the market


Ultimately, it’s all about your sales. So to motivate your sales personnel and provide maximum productive work time, install Oncourse. The powerful sales automation software maintains a comprehensive database of all sales information, simplifies sales management processes and aids in formulation of better strategies in this domain. Additionally, you can track individual sales performance, make comparative analysis, classify performers as per your preferred criteria, set monthly or weekly targets and keep a constant watch on the overall sales activities. Above all, you and your team can maintain a record of all conversations and fetch necessary data as and when required.    

Now that you know the modern tricks to grow your organization, don’t waste much time. Quickly download these apps, make optimum utility of their features and realize the impossible achievements in the future. Good Luck!

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