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7 Free Games Apps For I-phone For Your Different Moods

Games Apps for iPhone

Something is relaxing about curling up on the sofa and escaping into a game on your smartphone. If you are a hardcore gamer on PC or just want to get fun using your smartphones, these games for I-phone apps will help to escape beyond your current moment. The game apps for I-phone have limitless options on its Apple store. It is quite challenging to choose the best option with the trial and error method.

Why Free Games Apps For I-Phones Have A Terrible Reputation?

Free Games Apps for I-phone are notorious for being rubbish and full of IAP. IAP refers to in-app purchases; free games make money through it. Sometimes IAP helps to unlock levels or sometimes impossible to play without it. But you don’t have to worry about enjoying Free Games Apps for I-phone as this post is compiled with tried and tested picks.

Free Games Apps For I-phone To Increase Brain Power

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If you want to entertain yourself and sharpen your brainpower simultaneously, logic tests, path-finding challenges,turn-based puzzlers, etc., are types of Games Apps for I-phone you should choose.

1.Samsara Room

You will get yourself in a strange room where there seems no possible exit. Objects look weird, and you encounter a shadow of a ghost also. But with a different view of seeing things, you may discover a way out.

2.Invaders 2048

As the name suggests, This is a round-based Games App for I-phone that is a fusion of classic Space Invaders and tile-sliding mobile phenomenon 2048. You just need to merge the matching tiles, convert numbers into missiles, and use missiles to decrease your enemies’ energy. Levels are short, requiring only minutes.

3.Moveless Chess

It is a quirk version of chess where you have wizarding powers. Your opponent plays normal moves, but with your limited points, you can cleverly modify the pieces. You have to win from the classic checkmate type. It is not easy as it sounds when you explore more profound levels of game challenges.

Free Games Apps For I-phone Racing Mood

If you enjoy 2d and 3D racers, these games are for you.

1.Asphalt 9: Legends

It is a thrilling game with an autorun feature, and you have to drift, jump, and control frequent blasts of nitro. The games app for iPhone becomes more puzzle-like as you figure out where and when to perform the correct actions.

2.Disc Drivin’ 2

It is a turn-based racing game. You play with shuffleboard and tracks full of speed-up mats, gaps, and traps. You can take part in speed with other online players or runs or play alone.

3.One Tap Rally

This Games Apps for I-phone will let you play a racing game with one-thumb effort. You press the screen, accelerate, slow down, slide upwards and downwards as you move ahead. You need to avoid collisions with sides of the road and with other online players.

Free Games Apps For I-phone To Play With Strategy

1.The Battle Of Polytopia

It is a civilization based game where you need to figure out to make the best out of available resources in a limited time. You should play this game, making strategies, and the game gives you 30 turns to explore, research, and advance your tribe. You start with a warrior unit in a little unknown town.


So, make use of these free games apps for iphone to feel calm and relaxed and feel a change in your mood.

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